Top Online Directories for Selling Puppies

Clients looking to add a puppy to their family may wonder how to start looking. While one family might know the exact color and breed of dog they want, another might be looking for information to help lead them to a perfect puppy match. No matter what the client’s needs, they will begin by searching for trustworthy and reputable sources to lead them to a high-quality dog breeder.

Consider these top 5 directories for connecting clients and puppies:

Puppy Find

Puppy find features over 50,000 puppies and more than 100,000 dog breeders. Searches can start with a breed, a location, or lifestyle preferences to help narrow the results for a perfect

match. Results offer a photo, age, price, and relevant details. Puppy find is also a valuable educational tool to learn characteristics such as size, temperament, and care of the many available dog breeds. Whether clients are looking for a place to learn about their options or single in on a perfect family pet, Puppy find has a wealth of information.

Puppy Finder

The Puppy finder search engine is a comprehensive place to start looking for a puppy. It’s an easy-to-navigate site offering a sampling of dogs for sale on the home page, along with a section of rescue dogs available for adoption. Puppy finder is an online partner with ASPCA and other adoption organizations to help all dogs find a happy home. Searchable by dog breed or specific breeder,

Puppy finder is also a useful resource with articles about selecting a dog, training tips, health information, and even help with naming a puppy.

Little Puppies Online

At Puppies Online, an easy step-by-step process helps future dog owners easily learn about, select, and connect clients with breeders. A family-run business since 2008, the owners of Puppies Online have personal connections with the dogs available for adoption, and also partner with local rescue organizations to connect clients with the perfect dog for them. The website’s extensive FAQ section and blog offer important information about the process of adoption and helpful tips and tricks once clients take their puppies home.

Next Day Pets

Next Day Pets can connect clients to a vast network of over 125,000 dog breeders. Clients can browse by dog breed, breeder, or use the Puppy Match service to help determine the right kind of dog for their family. The form gathers information such as desired breeds and gender, along with lifestyle information like number of children or other dogs in the home to connect the client to an appropriate breeder.

Dog owners and those looking can chat on the Next Day Pets forums, to gather helpful information from each other. Videos and a helpful Q & A section with questions answered by dog experts round out the educational offerings.

Puppy Spot

Puppy Spot starts out with a promise: no puppy mills, a head-to-toe health inspection, and collaboration with the AKC to make sure clients are connected with a reputable and ethical breeder. Clients can search by breed or by collection, and find helpful articles and information about health and safety, grooming, and training. Puppy Spot publishes all previous customer reviews on their website – not just the positive ones. Clients can search by star and feel confident in the vetting and legitimacy of the breeders featured on Puppy Spot.